Dr. Angela’s Books

I’ve written four books about what I do and you can download your copy for free. Simply click on the book you want below and pop in your information.

The Difference by Dr. Angela E. Lauria

The Incubated Author by Dr. Angela E. Lauria

Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book by Dr. Angela E. Lauria

Make ‘Em Beg to Be Your Client by Dr. Angela E. Lauria

Make ‘Em Beg to Work for You by Dr. Angela E. Lauria

Free Training

When I talk to traditional publishers and agents about The Author Incubator, they are gobsmacked by the incredibly high percentage of our authors who have generated $250,000 or more from their books. These numbers are easily ten times what they would expect new, non- fiction authors to attain.

I created a free class which can be found over at www.QuarterMillionBook.com if you want to understand more about how to use your book to get clients who are begging you to work with them.