Here at The Author Incubator, we believe magic is real.

Magic is the power of influencing events by using some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. We call this force love, and believe that it should be shared.

The most effective way we know to spread love is by amplifying the voices of magic-makers by helping them write, publish and promote their non-fiction books. We help our authors fulfill their life’s purpose by writing books that actually make a difference—to their families, their readers, and the world. We do this because it brings about permanent, lasting, meaningful change in the world.

Our vision is to bring as much magic to the world as we possibly can—which is why today we’re thrilled to announce that we’re now offering a Spanish-language equivalent of our program, The Author’s Way, to a new community of entrepreneurs in the form of a program called La Vía del Autor.

This is an effort to serve our country’s rising Latino population of aspiring authors—and, in turn, all of the future readers they aspire to serve. The Latinx community has always been an important part of our nation’s overall demographic story, and account for about 52% of population growth in the United States over the last 10 years. In fact, about 7% of our authors are native Spanish-speakers.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that in the process of publishing over 1,000 books in English, we identified a need for book writing programs for Spanish writers. Every day we help our authors make a difference sharing their messages of hope, healing, and transformation—and it’s time to begin expanding the same level of quality and opportunity so that more authors can publish more books, which will reach more people, impact more lives, and generate the momentum needed to fuel transformational movements.

This program is for aspiring coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their magic the world, but feel that they can achieve better results writing in the Spanish language—whether that means receiving writing coaching and book instruction, or crafting a message that will have greater reach and appeal to Spanish readers.

As the first in our industry to offer this program in two languages, we’ve worked to provide all of the same information, materials, resources, and benefits as in the English version of the product. Spanish speaking aspiring authors will get all of the same tools that have empowered over 1,076 English speaking authors to maximize their impact and affect healing and change in hundreds of thousands of readers.

We’ve even brought on two native Spanish speaking expert instructors to lead and coach the program under Dr. Angela’s guidance.

Ramses Rodriguez came to us from the world of science and academia but did so with an interesting twist. Having grown up as a first generation Puerto Rican in Miami, Florida with interest in music, Ramses left his endeavors for a career in science to understand human development to better understand the fundamentals of the anxiety that ailed him. Having written two books in The Author’s Way himself, he is the world’s best Author Success Coach and has been coaching English speaking writers in the program for over a year. He is an expert in helping authors overcome the anxiety, writers block, panics and procrastination that otherwise prevent over 90% of aspiring authors from completing their books.

Lilia Sixtos is a bestselling author herself, having joined The Authors Way and completing her book in early 2019. She is an internationally recognized theater professional performing and directing plays in both Mexico and Texas. As the main trainer for La Vía del Autor, she brings her many years of expertise as a business leader and life coach to the program, conveying Dr. Angela’s teachings in a way that resonates for native Spanish speakers.

Ramses, Lilia, and the rest of us on the team here at The Author Incubator are excited to bring more magic, share more love and transformation to even more aspiring authors with the addition of La Vía del Autor.

We are only offering 5 spots in the program for the first month to ensure each author receives the same quality and attention as the English program. We already have a waiting list of applications for our February cohort but there is still time to apply for the program, and if you hurry, the first magic makers we accept will be offered the program at half price! So If you’ve been waiting to write your book in Spanish, or you know someone who might, learn more here: